Our Trustees

Our Trustees make it possible for us to achieve what we do and to make a positive difference to the Wakatipu community.

Joel Peasey – Chairperson


Joel“I believe in building up Youth to help them learn and grow and Wakatipu Youth Trust is a big part of making this happen in our local community and I see this as a privilege to be a part of”





Tanya Surrey – Deputy Chair

Tanya“I joined the Wakatipu Youth Trust to support the youth of our district in making positive choices in life. “








Marilyn Welsh

Marilyn“With a background in social work and a number of years spent managing other agencies which helped families in need (in some way or other) I have a real interest in working ‘at the top of the cliff’ rather than being the ‘ambulance at the bottom’. The Youth Trust aims to prepare young people to take a constructive role in their families and communities by working with their strengths.  I have been happy to use my skills to advance the work of the Trust over a number of years so that the youth in our community are given a helping hand early in the piece.”




Jan Maxwell

Jan“I have worked closely with the Wakatipu Youth Trust for the last ten years and more recently became a trustee in order to become more directly involved in the work that this trust undertakes in our community for youth.

I believe the programmes undertaken by the trust youth workers are making a huge difference to the young people and the results achieved by them confirm this”




Cath Gilmour

Cath“I have been a Wakatipu Youth Trustee for about eight years now and each year, grow more committed to its purpose of ensuring that the Paradise we all live in can be so for all our youth. WYT provides fantastic opportunities to learn, to connect, to have fun, to grow and be supported, and to be part of our community. I am appointed as councillor representative, to provide a link between council and community.”






Vicky O’Neill

Vicky“I was approached to take on the role of treasurer when I was expecting my first child. It seemed appropriate to get involved for a few years. Well – 8 years later I’m still here and believe the trust to be a true asset for Wakatipu. The youth workers not only work with the youth with passion, enthusiasm and true commitment but also succeed in providing life skills and life lines to a large number of youth in our community. The projects, events and interest blocks driven by the trust are awe inspiring and continue to amaze me that I stay involved to see what else the youth workers will come up with.”




Wayne Park

Wayne“I have worked in the field of youth for the last 16yrs in Queenstown and became a trustee on the former Wakatipu District Youth Trust in 1999. Contributing to Youth in a healthy and positive way is extremely rewarding. The young people of the Wakatipu are a great bunch and it is pleasurable watching them grow into well rounded adults. Being a trustee on the Wakatipu Youth Trust enables me to contribute to this transition.”






Rachel Napier

Rachel“I became a trustee of the Wakatipu Youth Trust in 2012 and have been proud to be involved with a Youth Trust that has a dedicated team of youth workers and volunteers who work hard to support and advocate for youth in the Wakatipu.”