Charles Briscoe (Parent)

May 2017

“Camp Carolina gave the opportunity for so many new experiences (people, activities, social environments, different culture, independent travel) – all building blocks of growing a young man. Hylton learnt to believe in himself more and shows this to his peers. Thank you to all that had a part in making it a reality.”

Paula Thomas (Parent)

May 2017

Things I noticed on Baxter’s return from Camp Carolina

  • Quite independent, willing to do things alone without help
  • Not reliant on a screen for amusement, happy to read or do other stuff
  • Full of stories about kids from different countries that he’d met and their different customs
  • A new appreciation for home cooking!
  • Very appreciative of life and nature that we have to offer here in NZ

Todd Barclay (Local MP)

May 2017

Todd-Barclay-The-Booth-Visit.pdf (PDF, 322KB)

Tessa Kennedy (Past Youth)

March 2017

“Hi, my name is Tessa Kennedy and in 2013 I did a chefing program run by Nathan with the help of the Crown Plaza and local Queenstown chefs through you guys at the Youth Booth.  I really enjoyed it and would like to thank you for the opportunity and tell you that because of this program I have continued in the industry and I’m now doing the level 5 diploma of Cookery at the Otago Polytechnic Cromwell campus.

I would sincerely like to thank you all as you gave me the opportunity to experience the career that I had hoped to get into, and it is because of the team at the Youth Booth that I got the opportunity to have the amazing experience of your chefing program.”

Lyndal Willis (Parent)

January 2017

“Thanks heaps for the Diamond Lake trip yesterday. Fineen was full of it when she came home. Wouldn’t stop talking about the walk “Why is it called Diamond Lake?” and the Circus Performer/Youth Worker in Wanaka. Plus the fact she had an ice cream (caramel) as well as the sausages at lunch time. The three kids on the trip were the lucky ones – every one else missed out big time. Fineen had a great time.” -Lyndal

Shaun Clark (Parent)

February 2016

“Aimee completed the canyon swing that she won for winning your recent slime wrestling competition. It was an amazing experience for her, and one she will probably never forget.”

“Thank you for presenting Aimee with such an awesome prize. You guys do an amazing job, and (we) really appreciate everything you do for Aimee and the other youths of the district.”

“Keep up the fantastic work!”

Letters of Support from Schools

WHS-letter-for-WYT.pdf (PDF, 379KB)

STJ_LetterOfSupport.pdf (PDF, 61KB)

Shotover-Primary-School-1.pdf (PDF, 209KB)

Arrowtown-Letter-of-Support-16.pdf (PDF, 44KB)

Leadership Summit Feedback

Senior Students at Wakatipu High School

“This is my first official involvement with the Youth Trust and it has been an enjoyable one, the challenges were exceptionally fun and problem solving to achieve them was beneficial. I would personally have liked the Summit to continue as it provided not only life skills, but personal social gain with peers and allowed us to meet people we would not usually interact with”

“I’ve learned a lot more about business, as well as personal relation skills, creativity skills and the reality of certain jobs. Also I had fun!”

“The aspect of the Summit I got the most out of was the guest speakers because each one was so inspiring and interesting and made valuable contributions to the course. The group work was challenging but rewarding and working with new people was fun”

“This was an awesome opportunity and I learned heaps about creativity, confidence, teamwork and how leadership is important in the community. After taking this course I’ve been inspired to accept all leadership opportunities offered to me and hopefully apply the skills I learned! Thanks!”